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NODE is an independent consulting engineering company located in the heart of Bergen.

Our core areas of practice are design, detailing and administration of structural and civil constructions. We can provide services on a wide range of projects, and include amongst our references ones with large commercial application to art installations of finite size. Additionally we are a licensed energy efficient and environmental building consultant. We have a broad knowledge of practice within Norway and Europe and have the capability to provide both practical advice for better energy use as well as full calculations and modelling for buildings.

We emphasize steady development in projects and focus on technically viable and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

We welcome you to get in touch for an informal talk about projects and/or cooperation.


September 2003 - NODE rådgivende ingeniører AS is founded by senior engineer Sigve Fossedal Olsen December 2003 - NODE moves to new offices in Østre Murallmenningen 1B with senior engineer Ronny Rykkje as a partner March 2005 - Senior engineer Andreas Zieritz joins NODE December 2006 - BSc Arne Håheim joins NODE June 2007 - BSc Jeff Steelhammer joins NODE June 2008 - BSc Ellen Ingeborg Bodsberg og BSc Øystein Lønning join NODE January 2009 - Offices at Østre Murallmenningen 1B expand

What We Do

The main focus of NODE is within our core areas.

To meet our goal of building products both technically viable and aesthetically, we prefer to work as a partner in all phases of the building process. We give seminars on our areas of specialisation and lectures for architect students at university level.

Our client base mostly consists of private builders, entrepreneurs and city- and governmental councils.


NODE rådgivende ingeniører AS is engaged by Bergen School of Architecture ( BAS) to lecture in the areas of construction, materials and energy efficient building.

Professional Competence

NODE's professional competence is founded upon the education and teaching of it's senior-engineers, having completed master degrees in structural engineering or equivalent. We are educated at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), department of construction, or from universities abroad. After years in business, our competence is further developed and updated through relevant work experience and courses.

The company is a member of RIF – Norwegian Association of Consulting Engineers. RIF is the leading organisation for consulting companies. Member companies fulfil strict requirements of professional competence and business practice.

Further accredidation ( pdf, Statens Bygningstekniske Etat) is issued by the National Office of Building Technology and Administration for work up to “tiltaksklasse 3” (highest class) within its areas of profession. The certification by RIF and the central accreditation provide our clients with a warrant of competence and assurance of approved guidelines for quality management and business ethics.

For actual projects, we can present our CVs as documentation.


Our goal is to contribute to the development and shape of projects. Challenges, innovation and exciting projects shall sharpen appetite for more knowledge.

We seek to create ideas and solutions which we can then guide into realisation. Such it is our goal and intention to keep a close dialogue with clients, architects, consultants, entrepreneurs, contractors and suppliers in the process of our work.

Our philosophy is built around the principle of accomplishing our professional work in the best way possible, tailored to the interests of our client, at any one time. This principle includes consultation with technical literature and courses as well as cooperation together with companies, entrepreneurs and suppliers when new and demanding challenges arise.

Jobs that do not naturally fall within our profession or category of our capabilities, will be referred to companies we can recommend.


In our production, we use updated technical means that can enhance the efficacy of our work.

Drawings and illustrations often begin as rough sketches that develop into specialised, exact CAD drawings in 2D and 3D. We use AutoCad LT, Microstation BIM 3D and Tekla Structure for production drawings. Our CAD manual can be downloaded from the page of downloads.

For structural calculations, we mainly use the software packages of Staad-Pro, Focus Konstruksjon, OS-prog and FEM-Design. We also develop spreadsheets for efficiency where this is of advantage.

Energy performance of buildings is predicted with the TAS simulation software, a 3D based modelling and simulation tool that can utilise climate data from the international climate database developed by Swiss Meteonorm.

Technical descriptions are made with the Focus Anbud software (NS3420), with possibilities of converting to the NS 3459 and excel formats for exchange with cooperating companies.

Graphical material is produced and handled by scanning and digital photography.

Large format plot and copy is handled by external printing companies.